Particle Board Equipment


Particleboard is a kind of ideal substitute for natural wood panel with wide application. Materials such as small-diameter wood, branches, wood residues and non-wood agricultural residues after being added suitable urea formaldehyde resin or other adhesives forms panels on hot press.
The panels are characterized with tight and smooth surface,graded structure,high bending strength and good machining property,finished boards can be used for furniture, building, packing industry etc.


This particle board is to use wood, sugar cane bagasse and sugar cane thrash as raw material. Face plate for the graded structure,smooth surface,good processing performance,widely used for furniture,construction, packaging,vehicles and ship’s interior decoration.As particle board with abundant sources of raw materials,product wide range of uses,noise effects and anti-borers,good performance advantages.Therefor,the product has broad market prospects.


Model BY114X8/12-* BY114X8/15-*
Nominal Pressure 12000KN 15000KN
Layer Counting 7-15 7-15
Hot Platen Size 1560x2700x90mm 1560x2700x90mm
Cylinders Quantity-diameter 6-∅320mm 6-∅360mm
Closing Time 15-20 25-20
Control Model Automatic Pump Automatic Pump
Frame Type Composite Frame Composite Frame
Particle Board Equipment

Particle Board Equipment:

  • Particle Board Equipment

    Particle Board Equipment
  • Particle Board Production line

    Particle Board Production line

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