Sanding Machine


Name Sanding Machine
Working Width 40-1300mm
Working Thickness 2.5-100mm
Feed Speed 6-30m/min
Size of Abrasive belt(WxP) 1330x2200mm
Main Motor Power 37/15kw
Weight About 3200kg


Sander is a kind of machine which is used to make the surface of plates smoother. The Principle of sander is that the sander belt which is drove by the motor polishes and frosts the plates so that they are smoother and feel nicer.
Our sanding machine is great value for your money and user-friendly.


  1. The air-suction conveyor belt combined with extra heavy duty sanding head and powerful drive assure maximum uniformity of panel thickness.
  2. Increase reusable percentage of panel.
  3. Reduce manual treatment time and labor before hot pressing.
  4. Save considerable glue consumption.
  5. Greatly upgrades plywood production efficieny and quality.

Sanding Machine:

  • Sanding Machine 1

    Sanding Machine 1

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