Wooden Flooring


Product Name Wooden Flooring
Standard Size 1218*198, 1215*195, 1215*128, 1215*145,1215*165, 810*130, 300*600.
Floor edge Square edge, V-groove, U-groove
Thickness 7mm,8mm,11mm,12mm.
Wood species Beech, Maple, Walnut, Pine, Cherry, Oak, Teak, Sandal, Bamboo, Antique Wood etc.
Surface finish Mirror, high gloss, matt, small emboss, middle emboss, big emboss, hand scratched, parquet, silk
Basic core material MDF/HDF Brown/Green Core Board


We believe in quality and maintaining our quality standards with continuous improvement in product quality for customer satisfaction.
With hardwood flooring you are not stuck with a certain color or shade because they have different natural patterns, with no two hardwood floors being exactly alike. This type of flooring is tough, strong, and even if you put or drop something heavy on the floor, you do not have to worry about it getting dented or scratched.


1. Water proof.
2. Termite proof
3. Moisture-proof
4. Environmental friendly
5. Moisture-proof
6. Heat resistant
7. Easy to install


Many people would prefer to have a hardwood floor than carpet, especially in the hallways, living room, and kitchens. It is much easier to keep a hardwood floor clean than carpet. If you are thinking of replacing your carpet for hardwood floors, there are many types and styles to choose from. Before you make any decision as to which type and style you would like, you should visit your home improvement store to see what they have.

Wooden Flooring Colors and Designs

  • Barrel Oak

    Barrel Oak
  • Canyon Slate

    Canyon Slate
  • English Elm

    English Elm
  • Forestry Mix - Brown Washed

    Forestry Mix - Brown Washed
  • Forestry Mix - Gray Washed

    Forestry Mix - Gray Washed
  • Brown Shade

    Brown Shade
  • Millwork Block - Burnt Ombre

    Millwork Block - Burnt Ombre
  • Reclaimed American Chestnut - Sepia

    Reclaimed American Chestnut - Sepia
  • Woodland Reclaim Old Original Barn Gray

    Woodland Reclaim Old Original Barn Gray

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